Eight Track II - Dave Stryker


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“The guitarist’s six-string expression has deepened while his blues-and-bop chops remain razor sharp… These nostalgic ’70s anthems are deeply ingrained in Stryker’s consciousness. And the earthy feel of the organ quartet sound is embedded deep in his bones after 30 years of playing on the scene. He successfully, joyfully combines the two on Eight Track II.”
-Bill Milkowski

Dave Stryker – Eight Track II
Strikezone 8814

Dave Stryker-guitar
Steve Nelson-vibraphone
Jared Gold-organ
McClenty Hunter-drums

1. Harvest for the World 6:04
2. What’s Going On 6:12
3. Trouble Man 7:29
4. Midnight Cowboy 5:27
5. When Doves Cry 5:49
6. Send One Your Love 5:02
7. Can’t get next to You 6:30
8. Time of the Season 7:16
9. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours 4:52
10. One Hundred Ways 6:04
11. Sunshine of your Love 5:05