Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all…. As you know Hurricane Sandy hit the NY/NJ coast pretty hard.
We were lucky where I live in that we lost power for 9 days, (many trees were blown down, knocking down power lines etc) but no flooding, just some roof and siding damage. The winds were very intense! Keep the less fortunate in your prayers.

My trip to India was pretty amazing. One of the great things about being a musician is getting to see parts of the world that I would never get to see otherwise. Suffice to say , we should all be grateful that we have a roof over our head and food to eat, as many of the people in India (and other parts of the world) are living in extreme poverty. The festivals we played at in New Delhi, and Mumbai were for the more wealthy people, but we got to see how many of the people live in these cities of 15 million people, as we travelled around.
I wish I could have stayed longer as it was 20 hours of travel on each end of the 5 day trip with 3 days in India where we hit the ground running and didn’t stop. Check my Facebook page for some photos of the trip.
I have some nice gigs coming up this month including Makeda in New Brunswick Dec. 13th, The Robins Nest in Linden NJ, Dec 21st, Hat City Kitchen in Orange NJ Dec 22nd, and my annual Day after Christmas gig at Trumpets on Dec. 26th. Hope to see you soon! DS

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